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Ansh Communication Services now partners with several multinational companies and International Brands in other to increase its Network of stores. As the number of the company’s store count recently hit the number of 8, the Star Mobitel Company within the past few years of establishment has really been so astonishing and amazing. Our ever unswerving customers can now shop with style and fashion based on their choice of item or product. The very fabulous reason for the presumed massive expansion is to strategically put a little momentous breach between some of the products types for a better shopping experience. Ansh Communication Services recently diversified into four dissimilar verticals and they are the:

* Mobile Phones, Devices and Accessories.

* IT products, Electronics and Gadgets.

* All other hi-tech gadgets and essential commodities. 

With regards to these categories of items and other products related to this, it is factual and obvious that Ansh Communication Services is never being biased by just keeping all eyes and focuses only on its retail clients and patrons. But also on its reputable and ever distinguished Corporate Clients, while also building a very strong bonding between the clients and the company.

Our paramount vision undeniably remains to make contemporary shopping experience easier, faster and better than can be imagined. As we undoubtedly continue to establish more networks of stores starting basically with the latest and trendiest brands as mentioned earlier in the categories, as well as increased concentration in corporate and online sales.